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New Platinum members who signed up over the last few months and still trying to find your way around this blog will benefit from moving over the the right sidebar and clicking on either Beginning Investors or Critical Material categories.  The advantage of using Categories is that you will pick up the oldest blog posts first, whereas doing a search for a topic will bring up the latest blog post on that subject.  The search engine on this blog is quite powerful, so use it.

A number of recent entries focus on various technical indicators.  This blog is not about technical analysis, although we do use some indicators in an effort to reduce risk to most of the portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  I say, most, as I don't have permission to do much with a few portfolios other than to make recommendations and track the performance using the TLH Spreadsheet.  With other portfolios I have full discretion.

New members are advised to watch the updates of the various portfolios.  Soon to be reviewed are the Schrodinger and Curie Portfolios.  The Schrodinger is the best example of a passive portfolio and the Curie is not far behind.

Questions are welcome.  I need to approve your first question, so don't be surprised if your comment or question does not appear immediately.  This blog is for users so make use of it.  Learn how to construct and maintain your own portfolio and save on fees and commissions.

Again, welcome to all Platinum members.  I hope you enjoy this investment ride toward prosperity.

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Retired physics teacher. My hobbies are photography, reading and classical music. And my latest hobby - taking care of my dog, Kipling.


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