Russian Church Music: Russian Choral Music Is The CD Recommendation For Father’s Day

Blue Mosque

Happy Father’s Day


Russian Church Music is my CD recommendation for the week and it is a special Father’s Day treat.  One of the reasons for selecting this CD is that I’ve sung at least one of the selections (Salvation Is Created) and a second reason is that I for one enjoy the bass voices one generally finds in Russian choral music.  This CD is no exception. If you don’t enjoy choral music, this CD is not for you.

Unfortunately, this particular CD may be a bit difficult to locate, but it looks like it is still available from third party sellers.  Difficulty locating some of my recommendations is happening more frequently as many of my CDs were purchased many years ago.

All selections on this recording are acappella so there is no instrumental accompaniment.

Recommendation from Amazon listener:  “Slavyanka Men’s Chorus has the ability, through magnificent dynamic contrasts, to sound small and intimate, but can sound large as a Russian theological academy chorus. Their work on this disc is impeccable. The accompanying booklet of program notes is superior, and is in multiple languages. The inclusion of the text of the liturgical music in several languages, including Slavonic and transliterated English pronunciation of the Slavonic, is a wonderful addition. Can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Photograph:  Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

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