Preparation for Kenilworth Review

In preparation for the Kenilworth portfolio review, I recorded all the current securities and shares in each ETF.  Below is the Buy-Hold-Sell Recommendation data table.

Kenilworth Buy-Hold-Sell Recommendations:  Checking down over the 195-Day EMA column, only VWO shows up and it is only to release 10 shares.  That is too few to worry about so there are no immediate sell orders to consider.  Since it is a few days till the Kenilworth comes up for review one ETF to watch is VNQ as the shorter Exponential Moving Averages are casting warning signals.

I don’t hold any VCR in this portfolio, and should that ETF hold up well, I may add a few shares to the Kenilworth.  VYM is a candidate for purchase as investors continue to pursue dividend stocks.  That will likely continue as bonds are not providing much income.


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  1. Hi Lowell, Thank you for forwarding the Newton portfolio to me last week. I’ve managed to spend a bit of time with it but I can’t seem to find some information in the file that I commonly use to compare different programs, funds, etc. One set of statistics I look at are the monthly total returns expressed in percentages over time, (I use 36 to 60 months in my calculations). I use these returns to generate the growth of the net asset value of the portfolio as a whole as well as to compile the Sharpe and Sortino ratios, etc. Performance in ’08 is always a factor in decisions as well. I would like to be able to compare the performance of the various portfolios on your site in this fashion as well. Where should I be looking? Thank you for your efforts, Steve

  2. Steve,

    I think you will find what you are looking forward if you search Portfolio Performance. See if that helps.


  3. Steve,

    My search option was not working properly for Categories. I think I fixed that problem. If you go to the right sidebar and use the Categories pull down menu, look for Portfolio Performance. That option should bring up blog posts latest to oldest. If you do a search you will find oldest to newest.


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