New User

Now that ITA Wealth Management is of significant size, help for new users is appropriate. To understand the investment philosophy of ITA, select the following two categories for the first reading assignments.

  1. Beginning Investors
  2. Critical Information

After you become acquainted with the investment philosophy, begin to follow one of the portfolios.  Keep reading the most current blog entries and above all, ask questions.  None are too mundane.  If I do not have a good answer, I will try to find one for you.

This is the original ITA Wealth Management blog.  The most recent material is now found over at

The address will take you to the Home Page.  Scroll down to the footers and see if any new announcements show up in News and Updates.  Look over the Random Posts to see if there are any subjects of interest.

Major Hint:  When clicking on a particular category, you will find the oldest blog posts show up first.  However, if you wish to read the most recent posts on a portfolio such as the Bohr, then do a Search for “Bohr” (without quotes).  Test it and see how the blog works.

Video/audio clips are available to help readers learn how to use the TLH Spreadsheet.  Much of this material is reserved for Platinum members.

If you would like an evaluation of your portfolio, just send the ticker symbols and percentage held in each investment.

Consider taking out a Platinum membership and learn about the Momentum-Optimization Model (MOM).

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