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The latest information on Bullish Percent Indicators is now available on this site.  In a few hours the portfolio performance data will be available to Platinum members.

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  1. Platinum members: If you have not done so, pleas register on the new site at If you have registered, do not reregister, but instead just logon.

    Several new blog posts are going up today. Check the performance numbers and the latest Bullish Percent Indicator data.

  2. Just another reminder to Platinum members that all new blog posts are now going up on the new site. Here is the URL.


  3. My logon is not working for the new site?
    I don’t understand this message? “You need to visit your profile in the dashboard and update your details with your site URL”

  4. You need to register on the new site and then I will upgrade you to a Platinum member.


  5. Just another reminder, particularly to Platinum members, to register on the new site ( ) if you have not already done so. If you have registered once, please DO NOT register again. If you have registered then go the the HOME Page and log in using your user name and password. DO NOT login through the ITA BLOG page.


  6. says:

    I am unable to log in as a member to the new site.

    1) when I attempt to log in using “” I receive “Error: the password you entered for the username is incorrect”. I then click the “lost you password link”
    2) then type in “” and press “get new password”
    3) I receive “check you e-mail for the confirmation link”
    4) I receive an email “Re: Your membership login info”
    5) I follow the “to set your password visit the following URL…” link
    6) I receive “Sorry, that key has expired. Please try again.

    I have never successfully logged into the new site. I attempted when it was being first set up, but was unsuccessful. I am trying now, but am unable to get past the “Sorry, that key has expired. Please try again.” hurdle.

    What should I try next?

  7. Richard,

    Let me look into the problem. It could be that the new site does not like the user name and e-mail to be identical.


  8. Lowell,

    How come I couldn’t use my login user name & password on the new site?

  9. Loc,

    Have you registered on the new site? After you register I will move you to the Platinum level of membership.


  10. Please register on new site.

    Numerous Platinum members are still not properly registered on the new site. Go to the ITA Blog page and register as soon as possible.

    IF YOU HAVE REGISTERED: Only log in using the Home Page. Do not log in using the ITA Blog entry point.


  11. New Options post available on the new site. ( )

  12. Check out the latest information on the Newton and Hawking portfolios over on the new ITA Wealth Management website. Here is the URL.

    Go to the ITA Blog tab to log in properly. Use First and Last name. Fictitious names will cause the account to be purged from the system.

    Lowell Herr

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