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Readers of ITA Wealth Management:  Over the next few weeks I will be making the final moves to transfer attention and new blogs over to  As a Platinum member, if you have not registered on the new site please do as soon as possible.  This site will remain active for the foreseeable future.

Check out the new logo on the new site.

Three new blogs went up on the new site today.  Some will be a review for some members.


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  1. This article is further confirmation of why we are moving toward a risk reduction model for portfolio monitoring.


  2. September 14: Check the new blog entries now available at the new site. Here is the address.

    Platinum members are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Give me 24 hours to move you from Guest to Platinum membership.


  3. Platinum members should check the new site ( ) for the latest ETF ranking information.

    Please register on the new site so I can upgrade you to your paid membership level.


  4. The Gauss update is over on the new site ( ). I’ve been working to find a plugin (software program) that will permit automatic e-mail notification. Please test the comments on the new site and see if this is working.


  5. Another note to let Platinum members know that several new blogs are available on the new site.

    Also, please register as a Guest on the new site so I can elevate your access to the Platinum level. You are missing out on a lot if you have not registered on the new site.


  6. A review of the Euclid portfolio is available on the new site. Also, I introduced the new Rankings SS developed by HedgeHunter. Be sure to register on the new site if you have not already done so. The link to this new SS will be available this weekend.


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