Happy New Year

Happy New Year


You have reached the original ITA blog.  The new site is located at http://itawealth.com so please register on that site for all the new information.  This site will most likely vanish on May 1, 2014.


Lowell Herr

New Posts On New Site

The latest information on Bullish Percent Indicators is now available on this site.  In a few hours the portfolio performance data will be available to Platinum members.

Maxwell Update

An update of the Maxwell was just posted over on the new site.  Once more, Platinum members are requested to register at http://itawealth.com if you have not already done so.



Forums Added to ITAWealth.com site

Just another reminder for Platinum members to sign up over on the new ITA website at http://itawealth.com.

Check out the Forums section of the new site.  You will find a Forums tab on the navigation bar over on the right-hand side of the page.  Click on Forums and if you have a Forum you would like to start, let me know and I will set it up.

Lowell Herr

ETF Rankings

The latest ETF ranking is available on the new website at this location.

As a Platinum member, if you have not registered as a Guest on the new site, please do so as soon as possible.  Thank you.



New Blog: http://itawealth.com

Readers of ITA Wealth Management:  Over the next few weeks I will be making the final moves to transfer attention and new blogs over to itawealth.com.  As a Platinum member, if you have not registered on the new site please do as soon as possible.  This site will remain active for the foreseeable future.

Check out the new logo on the new site.

Three new blogs went up on the new site today.  Some will be a review for some members.


Newton Update

Platinum members are aware that I am slowly migrating this blog to a new hosting site, http://itawealth.com.  Eventually the URL will be changed back to itawealthmanagement.com, but for now I am using the shorter domain name as the site is still under development.

Platinum members are encouraged to register on the new site.  To drive traffic to the new site I will be posting some new blog material over on itawealth.com and today I just posted the latest review of the Newton.  Login and go to ITA blog for the last update of the Newton.  One of the reasons for posting over on the new site is that a blog entry of this size has the high probability of crashing the server at itawealthmanagement.com.  Reasons for this are unknown.


New Website Coming

Kipling - My rescue dog.

Kipling – My rescue dog.

As many of you know, a new website is coming to ITA Wealthmanagement.  I am hoping it is ready for launch early in October.  In the meantime, I am beginning to set up plugins, membership lists etc.  The mention of memberships brings up something that will apply to all Platinum members.  Over the next few months I will gently remind you to go to this site (  http://itawealth.com ) and register.  Then I will move you up to Platinum member status and you will not need to do anything further.  At least this is how I hope all this will work.  This domain name is temporary as itawealthmanagement.com will once more become the primary domain name.

I am moving my blog from one hosting site to another and due to the size of my blog and the available server memory where it is currently housed, moving the entire data base is somewhat of a problem.  Without boring you with all the technical details, all I am asking is that you register at the new site.  What you see on the site now is nothing what it will look like in October.

To encourage you to register, I am posting a blog from time to time on the new site even though it is under construction.  Here is the URL to such a blog post.  You will not be able to read all this information on ETF rankings and Buy-Hold-Sell Recommendations until you register and I move you to a Platinum level.  This will take time so be patient with me.


Portfolio Name Changes

In keeping with naming the eleven portfolios after famous scientists and mathematicians, I will be changing the Kenilworth to the Galileo Portfolio and the Madison to Aristotle.  This is done for consistency, not to hide performance.  The change will take place when the next update occurs.

Special Notice Regarding Optimizer Spreadsheet

Special notice to Platinum members.

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