Latest Bullish Percent Indicators

Readers looking for the latest Bullish Percent Indicators will find them at this site.  These results simply underline what I’ve been saying for weeks – this is an overbought market.  One of the ways to protect capital is to implement the ITA Risk Reduction model or simply go to cash at some point when the market backs off these high levels.  That is an extremely difficult call to make.  I’m looking at the following.

1. What is the RSI telling me for each ETF of interest?

2. What is the relationship between the 13-week EMA and the 34-Week EMA?

3. What is the price of the ETF with respect to its 195-Day EMA?

4. What is the Point and Figure graph saying for each ETF of interest?


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  1. Here is the latest information on Bullish Percent Indicators.


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