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Happy New Year

Happy New Year


You have reached the original ITA blog.  The new site is located at so please register on that site for all the new information.  This site will most likely vanish on May 1, 2014.


Lowell Herr

Ranking Dividend Aristocrats

Here is an article on ranking dividend aristocrats.

New Posts On New Site

The latest information on Bullish Percent Indicators is now available on this site.  In a few hours the portfolio performance data will be available to Platinum members.

Maxwell Update

An update of the Maxwell was just posted over on the new site.  Once more, Platinum members are requested to register at if you have not already done so.



Weighted Ranking SS Update

If your portfolio is approximately $100,000, the following percentages and shares are laid out for investors going into this coming week.  We first start with the most recent rankings data to start the week.  This information applies to all Platinum members regardless the size of your portfolio.

ETF Rankings:  The following ranking is current as of 9/27/2013.  Note the change in the starting date as a 182 day differential ends up starting on a weekend.  That starting date will be adjusted tomorrow or Tuesday when we can move away from a weekend starting date.

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Forums Added to site

Just another reminder for Platinum members to sign up over on the new ITA website at

Check out the Forums section of the new site.  You will find a Forums tab on the navigation bar over on the right-hand side of the page.  Click on Forums and if you have a Forum you would like to start, let me know and I will set it up.

Lowell Herr

ETF Rankings: VNQI for RWX

In the following rankings, I substituted VNQI for RWX as it shows up as a better performer in the international REIT space over the past two plus years.  Otherwise, this is the list of ETFs readers can use to populate their portfolios.  A few things to note.  An international bond (BWX) and a corporate bond (LQD) ETF moved from below to above the performance of SHY.  This is the first I’ve seen this in some weeks.

ETF Rankings:  As you peruse this ETF ranking data table, look for those ETFs with positive momentum.  While we concentrate of ETFs that are ranked higher than SHY, keep an eye on the gold ETF, GLD.  It has had a nice three month run and is likely to continue to more up the ranking table.



Due to the instability of this site, I don’t plan to post over here all that frequently.  Platinum members need to register on the new site ( ) in order to keep up with the latest information.

Portfolio Performance Data

Momentum principles continue to produce positive results as Platinum members will see in the following data table.  Right now I am making comparisons from week to week.  Eventually I want to extend the information out over at least five weeks so each portfolio has a chance to go through at least one review cycle.  Until I build that data I will make week to week comparisons.  The problem with extending the period is a screenshot problem as my current software (ScreenHunter) limits me to cutting and pasting what I see on the screen.  I’m not able to scroll down the page and pick up more information so right now I am limited to three weeks of data.  One solution is to post this data every two or three weeks.

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Curie Portfolio Review On New Site

The latest Curie Portfolio review is now available over on the new blog site.   As a Platinum member, if you have not registered as a Guest, please do so if you want to read this review.