ETF Rankings: VNQI for RWX

In the following rankings, I substituted VNQI for RWX as it shows up as a better performer in the international REIT space over the past two plus years.  Otherwise, this is the list of ETFs readers can use to populate their portfolios.  A few things to note.  An international bond (BWX) and a corporate bond (LQD) ETF moved from below to above the performance of SHY.  This is the first I’ve seen this in some weeks.

ETF Rankings:  As you peruse this ETF ranking data table, look for those ETFs with positive momentum.  While we concentrate of ETFs that are ranked higher than SHY, keep an eye on the gold ETF, GLD.  It has had a nice three month run and is likely to continue to more up the ranking table.



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  2. I’m seeing bonds picking up on the 195 EMAs. My next real portfolio update is October 3rd (now using Lowell’s 195 day EMA and 33 day rolling dates) and may have some ETFs to purchase?

  3. Harry,

    There does seem to be a bit of roiling among the ETFs. While a certain amount of change is to be expected in the space of 33 days (or quarter if that is your review period), we are beginning to see some of the lower correlated ETFs begin to awaken. It will be interesting if this trend continues.


  4. Several of these spreadsheets (modified with different ETF entries) worked well for me up to Tuesday. Today when I ran them the Yahoo data appears to enter correctly but the ROC2 data all appear as #N/A, as do subsequent calculations, including its weightings and all the rankings. Does anyone else see this?

  5. Brian,

    I will need to check, but it could be that one of the dates lands on a weekend and that causes the problem you see. Adjust the date to see if it makes a difference.


  6. I changed the End date on the Data sheet from =TODAY() to Friday’s date. Even though the Calculations date on the Rankings sheet is then Friday’s, the data under the 182 column still all say #N/A. The information tag says “A value is not available to the formula or function.”

    I’m reluctant to start changing too many entries on your spreadsheet and find I can’t get back to the original automatic calculations.

  7. Brian,

    Keep the original SS, change the name and then work with the SS with the new name. Then you always have the original.

    I spotted the same error and solved the problem by changing the starting date so it did not begin on a weekend. Then all worked as normal.


  8. Still having a problem. Putting End date as 26 Sep (Thu), everything works fine. Using 27 Sep (Fri) I get the #N/A cells. Also, using a future date such as 1 Oct (Tue), the #N/A also appear.

    When 27 Sep is included (either using 27 Sep or 1 Oct), it appears that every entry for that date is the right format, but the errors appear in the Rankings sheet.

  9. With End date 27 Sep (Fri) one can avoid the #N/A errors by adjusting ROC2 Start Date to 183 days ago. With 182 days the errors occur, but neither the Start or End date is a Saturday or Sunday, so this seems a bit arbitrary.

    It should be straightforward to code the dates with an IF statement to avoid weekend problems.

  10. Brian,

    Strange, as I just ran the SS and it works fine so long as I have the 6-month period set to 183 days instead of the default setting of 182 days.


  11. Perhaps David will step in and answer Brian’s questions.


  12. BrianMinn says:

    The only thing that is a possible contributing factor is that I am in China. While international websites do not present difficulty (using VPN where needed), it’s possible the date here is somehow different from the date in the US. WIth 27 Sep as the end date, and 27 Sep as the latest date in the data, I don’t see why that should be a problem, but maybe I should let this issue rest. I still would suggest an IF statement so one doesn’t have to think whether it’s a weekend or not. At least running the program today gives proper results–haha, despite it being a Chinese holiday.

  13. Interesting. The time difference could be creating a problem. When NA’s show up in the data table, I just reset the dates as it generally does not have much impact on the rankings.


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