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Platinum members should check out the Bullish Percent Index post over on the new website.

If you have not registered on the new site, please do as soon as possible.


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  1. Edwin Janes says:

    Not able to log in either place

  2. Edwin,

    I’m a bit puzzled how you were able to leave a comment on this site without logging on.

    Be sure to first register on the new site. I don’t see your registration.


  3. Steve Cratsenberg says:

    something wrong with site, already logged in will not accept 2nd login for bullish % ind.

  4. Steve,

    It should not be necessary to log in twice, although one must be registered on the new site (http://itawealth.com) to see that information. Just register as a Guest and I will elevate you to Platinum membership. DO NOT take out a new Platinum membership for the new site.


  5. Edwin Janes says:

    Yes I am able to log in to this site, but the new site will not accept the Word Press name & password that I have in my notes. I think that it might be that I must have more than one log in from the past problems we had that we solved when I opened the Google address. Do we need to start all over again ??

  6. Edwin Janes says:

    I tried the advice for Steve above at the site above but, not able to find any help for Guest registration at the beautiful new site. Where does one look for that??

  7. Edwin et. al.,

    To Register on the new site ( http://itawealth.com ) click on the ITA Blog tab on the new site. Over on the right side of the page you will see Login Status. If you have not previously registered drop down to the Register option found just under the LOGIN button. If you click on Register you will be taken to another page. Then you need to click on “go to this page to register.” I know it is a bit clunky as the Register option should take you directly to the final registration page, but I’ve not been able to make that work. There is a computer gremlin in there somewhere preventing me to set up what I would prefer.

    Hope this helps everyone trying to set up registration on the new web site. The key is to get to the ITA Blog page first. Then follow instructions.


  8. Edwin Janes says:

    Didn’t work I did it several times with each addresses that bring in the blog to me. Then I tried the the “forgot password using the user name I have & the google & SBC global address it didn’t recognize any. That gremlin is still working

  9. Ronald Boyd says:

    I, too, cannot register/login to the itawealth.com site.

  10. Ronald,

    What seems to be the problem? Do you not find the registrationpage or will the site not accept your information?


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