Weighted Ranking SS Update

If your portfolio is approximately $100,000, the following percentages and shares are laid out for investors going into this coming week.  We first start with the most recent rankings data to start the week.  This information applies to all Platinum members regardless the size of your portfolio.

ETF Rankings:  The following ranking is current as of 9/27/2013.  Note the change in the starting date as a 182 day differential ends up starting on a weekend.  That starting date will be adjusted tomorrow or Tuesday when we can move away from a weekend starting date.

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Forums Added to ITAWealth.com site

Just another reminder for Platinum members to sign up over on the new ITA website at http://itawealth.com.

Check out the Forums section of the new site.  You will find a Forums tab on the navigation bar over on the right-hand side of the page.  Click on Forums and if you have a Forum you would like to start, let me know and I will set it up.

Lowell Herr