An Optimized 18 ETF Sample Portfolio

In response to concerns over the allocations to specific ETFs shown in the “Maximize Return/Risk” sample portfolio, below is an optimized revision.  Removed are the individual stocks as they always require an additional layer of complex analysis.  In their place I added VFH, the financial sector ETF that is currently showing a buy based on “Delta Factor” analysis.  I also replaced GLD with another precious metal, SLV.  The final output reflects, to some degree, the Swensen Six portfolio.  True, only 10% is allocated to U.S. Equities instead of the 30% advocated by Swensen.  That could be changed with one more constraint.  Swensen does not include commodities in his allocation, but I prefer to hold a minimum of 5% in commodities, be it DBC or precious metals.

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Madison Portfolio Review: 1 March 2013

Once more it is time to update the Madison, one of three portfolios where the detailed transactions are not available to Platinum members.  The other two portfolios being, Maxwell and Euclid.  The Madison is one of five portfolio that are part of the ITA Risk Reduction (ITARR) model.  More on this later.  Below is the Dashboard or asset allocation plan for the Madison.  Note that U.S. Equities are now concentrated in two asset classes, Large-Cap Core or Blend (VTI), and Small-Cap Value (IWN).

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