Handel’s Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks

Westminster, England

Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel is my CD recommendation for the week of 24 February 2013.  There are many options available for this combination of compositions, so check the reviews.  While I am still providing links to specific CDs, new generations of listeners are now finding their music on the Internet.  For example, I recently installed a beginning set of Sonos hardware and speakers in parts of the house.  From an iPhone, computer, or iPAD I am able to call music off the Internet or from my own collection (provided it is on a hard drive, not on the shelf) and play it on the speaker of choice.  For example, I can have Water Music playing in the living room and Music for the Royal Fireworks holding forth in my office.  All is wireless.  If we have friends over to the house for a summer spot of tea and conversation, I can carry the Sonos speaker out on to the patio and select a playlist of music from whatever source I choose.  It is quite amazing.

To explain in greater detail, the Sonos software permits me to stream all genres of music to speakers controlled by the Sonos hardware.  It almost takes longer to unpack the Sonos hardware than it does to install it and hear it pumping out music.  If one is using Spotify, which I am not, you then have an almost infinite source of music at your beck and call.  I use Pandora Radio as well as AllClassical.org located right here in Portland, Oregon for music sources as both are free.  There are literally hundreds of music stations one can bring in over the Internet and play through Sonos speakers.  The choices are now almost limitless and one does not need to actually purchase the CDs.