Thinking Through a Basic ETF Portfolio

Thinking through the process of constructing the following ETF rich portfolio several required specific goals be met.

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  • The portfolio needed to be simple.  While 15 ETFs are not exactly simple, neither is it overly complicated.  To simplify one could reduce the number of bond and treasury ETFs.
  • All ETFs must be commission free so as to lower cost.  All these ETFs can be purchased commission free through TDAmeritrade.
  • The following markets or asset classes need to be represented.

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Bullish Percent Indicators: 15 February 2013

There were few changes in the BPI percentages this week, although the defense did capture one index and one sector.  The screenshots of each are presented below.

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Beginning Investors: Morningstar Article Is Must Read

Beginning investors will definitely want to read this article.  If confused as to which ETFs to use, go with Vanguard and keep it simple and inexpensive.  Begin your account with VTI and then expand from there.

I have no idea why the author of the article did not include VWO as the emerging market ETF in the Vanguard portfolio.