ITA Risk Reduction Update

Government building in Lisbon, Portugal

Government building in Lisbon, Portugal

Where do we stand with ETF prices and their respective 195-Day Exponential Moving Averages?  As I am updating all the portfolios this month, I am paying close attention to the five (Maxwell, Euclid, Madison, Kenilworth, and Gauss) portfolios to see if changes are necessary based on the ITARR model.  I checked all the primary ETFs used to populate the asset classes and all are priced above their EMAs.  We are “in-the-market” mode, as one might expect considering this high market.

Here is the link so you can check your own investments.

Euclid Portfolio Update: 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine Day

In addition to this being Valentine’s Day, it happens to be the fifty birthday of ITA Wealth Management.  And why do you not find five years of archived blog posts available?  It so happens that the server where my blog was housed was hacked several years ago by someone in Sweden and the material could not be recovered.  In fact I needed to start over twice.  I now have the blog stored or housed here at a business site in Portland, OR.  All this is history and has little to do with reviewing the Euclid, so here goes with the latest happenings with this portfolio.  The Euclid happens to be one of three portfolios where all the transactions are not available to Platinum members.  I don’t have permission to publish the details of the Maxwell, Euclid, and Madison portfolios.

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