Tax Record Hint For ITA Spreadsheet Users

I’m in the process of going through the various taxable portfolios looking for stock and ETFs sales.  If an odd block is sold, one must record which ETF (or stock) was purchased and when.  Here is a hint as you go through your portfolio.

1.  I use First In – First Out records as that makes it simple.  That means first ETFs purchased are matched with first ETFs sold.  With the following hint you can select which ETF or stock to match up in the transaction.

2.  Color code the cells of the Buy-Sell combination.  In fact, one does not need to worry about the sold stock as it is recorded or coded, but go back up the page and identify, by color coding the cell, which shares were purchased to match up with the shares sold.

If this hint is not clear, ask questions.  This only pertains to those who are using the TLH Spreadsheet to track their portfolios.

It is times like this when one is thankful for very few sales showing up in a particular year.

TEVA: A Stock Worth Further Examination

This past weekend I was running my dividend stock screening program to see which companies passed the screen.  Then I recalled that I once had a “valuation” screen that looked for companies that were priced under numerous valuation parameters as laid out in the Stock Investor Professional, AAII’s stock screening program.  Here are the valuation parameters I used for my screen, in addition to the dividend or yield screens.

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