Please Turn Off CNBC!

CNBC is only a place holder for all types to Wall Street media hype.  Eschew information that is designed to keep you unsettled, nervous, and makes you feel as if you are doing something wrong and change is necessary.  Too much investment information is not necessarily a good thing for portfolio management.  If financial news sources had your best interests in mind, you would find them so boring you likely would not want to tune in.  The passive approach to investing does not grab many TV eyes, but it goes a long way toward increasing your retirement fund.  Just examine the Einstein and Schrodinger portfolios available here at ITA Wealth Management.

Avoiding CNBC, Money Magazine, and other financial hype does not mean one should cease to become educated.  Rather than be entertained, dig into the academic literature, read a few of the Top Ten Investment Books recommended here at ITA, and set a new course for your portfolio.  If you have already done the research and realize the importance of index investing, you are well on your way to financial success.  Of course this assumes our economy will continue to function without too many catastrophic interruptions.  That is a risk we cannot control.

Speaking of risk, there are various types of risk we take as investors.  Risk means we do not know what is going to happen, although we might have some clues as to a range of risk probabilities.  We use the QPP program to aid us in identifying portfolio risk.

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