Welcome New Platinum Members

Just a word of welcome to all the new members who recently signed up for a Platinum subscription.  Thank you very much.  Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate this blog.

  1. Check out the Beginning Investors category found in the right-hand sidebar.  Even if you are an experienced investor, you will find nuggets of interest.
  2. Go over the Critical Information category.
  3. Check out the Top Ten Investment Books.
  4. When you read a new blog post, take time to go to the bottom right-hand footer and select a random post of interest.  This way you will gradually catch up on all the posts available.  There are now over 1,000 on this blog.
  5. Be patient.  The fundamentals are not all that complicated.
  6. After moving through the material at the 100 Level, begin to read some of the 200 Level through 400 Level.
  7. Ask questions.  Allow a few hours for an answer, depending on your time zone.

Sample Portfolio #1

Here is the analysis of a portfolio recently mailed to me.  This analysis is one of the perks that come with Platinum membership.  The first screen shot shows the QPP analysis and the second slide is the correlations of the securities within the context of the portfolio.  Comments are welcome from Platinum readers.

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Latest Bullish Percent Indicators

Readers looking for the latest Bullish Percent Indicators will find them at this site.  These results simply underline what I’ve been saying for weeks – this is an overbought market.  One of the ways to protect capital is to implement the ITA Risk Reduction model or simply go to cash at some point when the market backs off these high levels.  That is an extremely difficult call to make.  I’m looking at the following.

1. What is the RSI telling me for each ETF of interest?

2. What is the relationship between the 13-week EMA and the 34-Week EMA?

3. What is the price of the ETF with respect to its 195-Day EMA?

4. What is the Point and Figure graph saying for each ETF of interest?