Neil Young: Prairie Wind


Neil Young’s “Prairie Wind” is my CD recommendation for the week.  I first heard this music on a PBS special.  Here is one positive review and I am in agreement with the author.  I would give “When God Made Me” top billing on the album. “It’s A Dream” is another five-star song along with “This Old Guitar.”

“Neil Young has always been a musical chameleon. Shifting from hard rock to rockabilly to grunge to futuristic synth music, he’s tried every music genre. But the style he keeps returning to is country-rock. Prairie Wind is yet another superb album in this vein. The past few years haven’t been kind to Mr. Young with the death of his father and the mother of his first child or finding out that he has a brain aneurysm. With the sense of loss and mortality, Prairie Wind reflects on life and family. “The Painter” brilliantly sets the tone for the album as it a brooding, moody piece that shows music gives eternal life to its artists. “Far From Home” is a lovely ode to his parents and “Here For You” is a sweet song for his kids that has a great harmonica solo. “Falling From The Face Of The Earth” is a gentle lament and “He Was The King” is a goofy salute to Elvis Presley, but one done with spirit. “When God Made Me” has a full gospel chorus and “This Old Guitar” is the best track on the album with its simple story and laid-back charm. Country-rock is the skin Mr. Young feels most comfortable in and Prairie Wind is his best album in a decade.”