Maxwell Portfolio Update: 4 January 2013

As with several other portfolios, I am making a few changes in the Strategic Asset Allocation of the Maxwell Portfolio.  Those changes do not show up in the Dashboard.  Examine the Dashboard shown in the following slide and note the 3% allocation to both Mid-Cap Blend (VO) and Small-Cap Blend (VB).  Both of these asset classes are highly correlated with Large-Cap Blend (VTI).  It does not make sense to hold these small percentages in asset classes that are so highly correlated with another asset class.

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Piotroski Stock Update: 4 January 2013

Hawaii - Maui

Nearly two weeks transpired since I last posted data on the “Piotroski Stocks.”  This morning I downloaded the latest information and only four companies out of nearly 10,000 passed the High F-Score screen of eight or higher.  Those stocks are as follows.

The following information is not available for publication elsewhere on the Internet.

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