Einstein QPP Analysis: Reducing High Correlated Assets

As promised in the prior post, here is the QPP analysis of the Einstein.  Pay particular attention to the Correlation Matrix as that is the reason for posting this blog.  Note how most of the equity ETFs are highly correlated.

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Einstein Portfolio Update: 2 January 2013

First up for review in 2013 is the Einstein Portfolio.  No ETFs or stocks were bought or sold over the last 32 days.  New cash was added and many dividends were paid as the fourth quarter ended.

Einstein Dashboard:  All asset classes with exception of Cash and Commodities are within the target limits (25% for Einstein).  New cash and year-end distributions elevated cash holdings.  Rather than rush out to fill asset classes that are a little below the exact target percentage, this is a time to be patient as I think Congress will be fighting, within the next two months, over raising the debt limit.

Einstein Dashboard

Platinum members are able to see this portfolio continues to perform quite well.  Keep in mind the index funds have not reported January 2 gains.

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