New Year Recommendations From ITA Readers

Kipling waiting for attention.

As we approach the end of 2012 and look forward to 2013, I would appreciate hearing recommendations from readers of this blog.

1.  What areas of investing are of most interest to you?  I will not be able to cover every aspect of investing, but I would like feedback from readers.

2.  Are there topics of interest I rarely discuss and you would like to hear more?

3.  Is there sufficient detail to the portfolio reviews?

4.  Is enough said about the merits of passive vs. active investing?

5.  Would you like more “beginning investing” material?  Are the basics covered in sufficient detail?

6.  Do you enjoy technical analysis such as Exponential Moving Averages, ITARR model, Bullish Percent Indicators, etc.?  Do you want more, less or is the right amount discussed?

7.  Is enough written about asset allocation and are there enough examples.

8.  Do you use the Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP) examples?

9.  Do you wish to see more individual stock studies?  If so, please recommend stocks.

10. Is the information on Piotroski stocks of use to readers?

11. Should more time be spent on developing new asset allocation plans for potential portfolios?

12.  Would you like fewer blog posts?

13. Do you find the portfolio performance (11 portfolios) data table of interest?

14. Would you like more instruction on the use of the TLH Spreadsheet?

15. Do you have other suggestions?


Piotroski Stocks Update

What stocks are still populating the Piotroskie High F-Score after the latest screens?  Only five made the list and we hold two in the Gauss Portfolio.

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