Bullish Percent Indicators: Mixed Reactions To Financial Cliff

While there were no major offensive-defensive shifts in the major indexes, there were a few changes within sectors of the market. The following data tables provide detailed information on the changes.

Bullish Percent Indicators for Indexes: Both the NYSE and DJIA indexes improved numerically this past week although neither index showed sufficient strength to move from a defensive position to an offensive position. Considering the uncertainty facing the markets these numerical improvements came as a surprise. The NASDAQ and S&P 500 dipped slightly, but not to the point of changing their overall trends. Overall, there were no major shifts in the BPIs this past week.  For detailed information, examine the numerical values found in the following data tables.

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Eaken Piano Trio: Christmas Music Recommendation for the Week of 9 December 2012

Home for the Holidays by the Eaken Piano Trio is my first holiday music selection for 2012.  When I last checked, Amazon was out of stock and if so, check to see if I’ll Be Home for the Holidays is available.  Bother are excellent Christmas selections.

This Amazon reviewer is accurate in describing this CD.  “This is an exquisite combination of classical and popular Christmas standards. The texture of the arrangements and quality of the recording make this album sound like you have three friends playing in your Music Room while you’re in the kitchen baking.  Highly recommended for children, for appreciating good sounds, and for adults, for a simple, basic lovely set of songs.”