SRCE and RBCAA: Two Dividend Stocks That Pass Screen

From a database of nearly 10,000 stocks, only two pass my current dividend screens.  SRCE currently provides a yield of 3.4% while RBCAA is generating a yield of 3.3%.  Below, Platinum readers will see an analysis of SRCE.  If this type of stock analysis is useful, let me know and if you have a stock you wish to see listed, send that along in the comments section.

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Newton Portfolio Review: 16 November 2012

Once more it is time to update the Newton Portfolio, one of the larger ones I track here at ITA Wealth Management.  One of the major changes I made over the last month was to sell of a significant percentage of DBC as the commodity was priced below its 195-Day EMA.  If you have been keeping up with the posts you are aware of other reasons for selling this ETF.  The second change is that I’ve been building back both developed international and emerging markets.  Those two asset classes are now back in balance or within the target limits.

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