Kiva Loans Making a Difference

Long time ITA Platinum members know that a significant percentage of the profits from this blog are donated to help the less fortunate.  Search for MEDA or MEDA Trust on this blog for more information.  Since MEDA Trust shut down last March, I switched my giving over to Kiva where 28 loans are active.  I think two of those loans are now paid off so 26 are active, including four more that were started this morning.  As the loans are paid off, the money is reloaned to others seeking capital.

The poor stay poor not because they are lazy, but because they have no access to capital.’ Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Here are some graphs and percentages of where the loans are going.  The first screenshot shows the countries where the loans were made.  Google Kiva to learn more about this organization that is set up to provide capital to entrepreneurs.


Sector:  As a lender, one can not only search for countries but for sectors of interest.  The opportunities are wide in scope.

Partners:  Kiva works through other organizations and here is a list of the partners involved in the loans coming from ITA Wealth Management.  Make a difference and become involved with Kiva.