SRCE: A Dividend Stock of Interest

After screening for stocks that showed increasing dividend growth over the past seven years, SRCE is one of eight stocks (out of over 9,000 companies) that passed my tight screen.  Below is an additional analysis of this financial stock.

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Euclid Portfolio Update: 5 November 2012

Thirty-two days passed since the last review of the Euclid Portfolio and during that time, DBC, one of the commodity holdings dropped in price so that it is now below the 195-Day Exponential Moving Average.  Since Euclid is one of the ITA Risk Reduction (ITARR) model portfolios, it is time to sell DBC and wait for the price to move above its 195-Day EMA.  As Platinum readers can see from the Dashboard below, three asset classes are out of balance.

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Recent Piotroski Stocks

Platinum members following the Gauss Portfolio are aware that I have been adding “Piotroski Stocks” to this portfolio if any met all nine standards.  The stock is then held so long is it maintains a ranking of seven or higher.  The two stocks recently added to the Gauss were CRAI and PFIN.  Currently, only CRAI should be in the portfolio as it still carries a ranking of nine (9).  PFIN dropped below the ranking of seven (7) so I have a limit order placed to sell it.  As of 11/2/2012 CRAI returned an annualized 17.9% and PFIN an annualized 167.9%.  One needs to be aware that high Internal Rate of Return values are exaggerated when short time frames are involved, and that is the case for these two holdings.  Here are the current “Piotroski Stocks” that meet the mark of eight (8) or higher.

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