REGI: Analyzing a “Piotroski Stock”

In the prior post I listed the current “Piotroski Stocks” that met eight of the nine criteria.  REGI is one of the stocks that comes in with a High F-Score of eight (8).  What does an additional analysis of this stock look like?  Be aware that analyzing a “Piotroski Stock” will look a lot different from an analysis of PG, JNJ, or T.

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Anne Murray: CD Recommendation for November

One of my favorite female singers is Anne Murray as she has one of the most melodious and easy to listen to alto voices.  Of the many CD she has recorded, I’ll begin with Croonin’.  Perhaps I will list other favorites in the future.  If you are not familiar with Murray, this is a great CD to use as a starter.

Here is one positive review from an Amazon viewer.

“I’ve been a fan of Anne Murray since high school, and at 44 I’m even more so!  This CD is the essence that is Ms.Murray!  She puts her soul into these already classic and lovely songs.  The inside cover has a list of the songs and the artists who previously recorded them, which were an inspiration to Ms.Murray.  Dare I say it? She out does most, if not all of the “original” artists; at the very least, she honors them highly with her renditions!  And these were some heavy weights; Patti Page, Peggy Lee, Perry Como, Rosemary Clooney, Eddy Arnold, Doris Day!  I love the old standards in this recording; (especially “Secret Love”, “When I Fall In Love”, and “You Belong To Me”). I love even more hearing them sung in Ms.Murray’s beautiful, one of a kind alto!  My copy is probably going to wear out soon,as I play it constantly, getting lost in it!  I’ve heard most of these songs through out my life, although I’m too young to remember when most of them were original hits, so bless Ms. Murray for recording them!”