Pfizer: An Analysis

One of the stocks recommended by a Platinum member for analysis was Pfizer (PFE).  Pfizer is one of those companies many investors hold as a cornerstone stock.  Similar to JNJ and PG, PFE is a mega-cap stocks so we don’t expect to witness unusual growth over the next few years.  These very large cap stocks tend to grow or shrink with the general economy, and that is what you will see in the following screen shots.

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Maxwell Portfolio Review: 1 November 2012

Since the last Maxwell review, share of VB were sold to bring Small-Cap Blend back into balance.  Shares of VO and VNQ were added in a rebalancing effort.  Now all asset classes are in balance with exception of Cash and some of that excess will be used to pick up additional shares of VWO.

Since the Maxwell is one of the ITA Risk Reduction model portfolios, special attention now focuses on DBC, the lone ETF that is priced below its 195-Day EMA.  Rather than implement a mechanical sell based on the ITARR model, I’m inclined to override this sell order since the PnF graph for DBC is still on a positive trajectory.  In addition, DBC is making a slight comeback and I don’t wish to sell at a bottom or near bottom.  With the market closed for the last two days I will likely wait to see what happens over the remainder of the week before making a final decision.