Bohr Portfolio Review: 25 October 2012

The Bohr Portfolio is working about as well as one can expect in this market.  All asset classes except cash are within the specified target ranges.  I picked up another 50 shares of PCY in order to bring international bonds (actually distressed debt) into balance.  Even so, the Bohr is down an additional 100 shares in this asset class.  Limit orders are in place to pick up those shares.

Bohr Dashboard:  In addition to international bonds, both developed international and emerging markets are a little below target.  Limit orders are in place to pick up more shares of VEA and VWO.  There is no hurry since the portfolio is closely tracking the ITA Index as Platinum members will see below.

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Waste Management (WM): A Stock of Interest

A Platinum member suggest an analysis of Waste Management (WM).  I’ll go into a bit more detail with this stock vs. what I did yesterday with Procter and Gamble (PG).  As you can see from the sales, profits, and earnings graphs, Waste Management is a slow grower. 

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