New Feature To Be Added To ITA Wealth Management

A new feature or service will be added to ITA Wealth Management sometime over the next six weeks.  For those investors who choose to add individual stocks, such as high yield or “Piotroski stocks,” a new analysis will be added.  This is software I use several years ago, but never included it in the ITA offerings.

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Automatic Notification of Posts and Comments

Several Platinum readers wrote to me regarding the automatic notification of new blog posts and comments.  As yet, I have not been able to locate the problem as to why the notification is not working properly.  I suspect one or more plugins are in conflict with the plugin that makes this happen.  The only way to check is to deactivate all plugin software and then reinstall each, checking for conflicts along the way.  This is time consuming.  My suggestion is to just log in each day, as I do, and check for new comments and/or posts.  I will continue to work on the problem and see if I can find a solution.

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Quick Check of ITA Risk Reduction Model

Run a quick check of your holdings to make sure all are priced above their respective 195-Day Exponential Moving Averages.  Here is the setup for StockCharts that I use.  I ran through a number of critical ETFs this morning and all are well above their EMA.

Several portfolios are coming up for review and it appears as if no changes will be necessary.  This is exactly as we like it.  Stay the course.

Suggestions On How To Use ITA Wealth Management


Using This Blog

Getting started in a blog as complex as ITA Wealth Management takes time for a new user, particularly a Platinum member.  Here are a few hints that will benefit all users.

  • When you first log on, check the Comments section to see if any new additions were posted since you last connected. If you are signed up for the RSS for Comments, then you will be notified via e-mail of new comments.
  • Sign up for RSS of new posts.  This is found under the Login area on the right sidebar.
  • Use the Search option provided in the right-hand sidebar.  You may need to scroll down the page to find it.
  • Select a Category of interest and click on that option.  The earliest blogs will come up first so that you will be reading them in the order they were posted.
  • If you are a user of the TLH spreadsheet, you can gain access to eight spreadsheets used to track the following portfolios.  You will need to contact me for the latest update.  Since I use the macro-enabled version of EXCELto track the spreadsheets, virus checker will corrupt the SS if I upload them to a web site and you attempt to download them.  The portfolios available to Platinum users are: Curie, Newton, Schrodinger, Kepler, Einstein, Bohr, Kenilworth, and Gauss.
  • Platinum members interested in beginning to use a TLH Spreadsheet would do well to begin with the Gauss as it has the fewest entries to zero out and it contains all the latest "goodies."
  • Another suggestion is to click on Random Posts found in the lower right-hand corner of the Home page.  Read one or two entries each time you connect to the blog.

If you are not a Platinum member, subscribe for $5.00 per month and learn how to construct, manage, and monitor your portfolio.