TLH Spreadsheet: Why It Is Useful For Serious Investors

Platinum members new to ITA Wealth Management should not overlook the power of the TLH Spreadsheet.  Successful investing is all about portfolio planning, construction, and monitoring.  The TLH Spreadsheet is an aid in all three categories.  Here are several benefits investors derive when using this portfolio tracking spreadsheet.

1. Construction and ease of tracking Strategic Asset Allocation plan.

2. Data table that shows how many shares of a particular ETF are required to bring the asset class back into balance.

3. Ability to establish variable asset target bands.

4. Correct calculation of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for both portfolio and several benchmarks.

5. Option to build customized benchmark.

6. Tracks three risk monitoring ratios.  They are:  Information Ratio, Sortino Ratio, and Retirement Ratio.

7. Automatic updating of price data.


Camtasia audio/video helps are available to help interested users gain comfort with the TLH Spreadsheet.  Model portfolios are available to Platinum members.

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“Creme List” Stock Additions For Special Index Oriented Portfolios

"Creme List" stocks have a history that goes back ten years or long before this blog was launched on February 14, 2008.  The original screen for "Creme List" stocks was a ranking system comprised of 20 to 25 metrics.  Many of the stocks were familiar names to investors.  I closed down that system when one or more data sources changed their format making it difficult to automatically capture the stock information.  The work load was enormous as it required entering the data manually.  Having abandon the original "Creme List" system, I wanted some method whereby I could post individual stocks for Platinum members interested in adding a little "spice" to their index oriented portfolios.  The index-stock combination are Mosaic investors and I am one as I will include a few individual stocks to some of the larger portfolios.  Even as a Mosaic investor, I will caution readers of the difficulty when it comes to selecting individual stocks.  This is active portfolio management, and the history of such behavior is rampant with failure.  Nevertheless, here are two stock screens and the very few stocks that pass these screens.

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