Great Hymns and Mozart’s 40th Symphony

Last week a close friend told me that Episcopalian's lay claim to all the best hymns of the church.  Whether true or not, one can test this statement by listening to one of the top collections I've found in any recording.  Hymns Triumphant 1 and 2 is a wide variety of the greatest church hymns.  Listen to the samples available through Amazon.  As the reviewer below points out, only a few verses are included so more hymns can fit on this two CD set.

"This album contains many well-selected, beautifully arranged, and wonderfully presented hymns of the church. It is a pleasure to listen to, and I recommend it to all. My one complaint is that, in many cases, only one or two verses of the hymns are sung so that I am left wanting more. But I guess they are keeping the tracks short to so that they can fit more different hymns on the CD. So the advantage is that there are a LOT of different hymns, but the drawback is that most of them are pretty short."

My second CD recommendation for this week is Mozart's popular 40th symphony.  I have Sir Charles Mackerras directing Mozart's 36th and 38th symphonies in a TELAC recording.  Another choice, and there are many, are symphonies 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, and 41 conducted by Herbert von Karajan.  Check out the reviews before making a selection as there are many options when it comes to selecting Mozart symphonies.

Photograph:  Thistle sailing on the Willamette River in Portland, OR.