Schubert: Songs For Male Chorus Conducted By Robert Shaw

Franz Schubert is one of my favorite classical composers as I consider him to be among the great tune writers of all time.  The CD recommendation this week shows off his composition versatility with an array of songs that will stick in your mind.  Songs for Male Chorus is the title of this outstanding recording, and as you might expect, Robert Shaw is the conductor.  Listeners will call up this recording over and over and it will take two Amazon reviews to give this music its proper due.

"It's a shame Shaw's commitment with the Atlanta Symphony didn't give him time for more of these simpler sweeter works. The performances are standard Shaw…flawless.

These Schubert pieces are simple homophonic works that provide an intimacy not possible in grand chorales with full orchestra. The recording quality is excellent, putting the singers in the room.

Though it's mostly beautifully poetic pieces, you can almost hear the lederhosen slapping in the Die Nachtigall, and the haunting Standchen with Martha Hart's lead is one you'll put on the player repeat for many times."

Second review:

"It is impossible to say anything bad about most recordings made by Robert Shaw, and this is one of those recordings. The perfection that is reached by his choirs has boggled my mind for years. The diction and intonation is so precise that it sounds effortless. Of course, as I have come to expect, Karl Dent gives an astounding addition to this recording. I am slightly biased, considering I am a student of his, but the tonality, and clarity in his voice is always chilling. Overall, a wonderful recording that you will listen to over and over."