Large vs. Small Cap Allocations: Is A Reallocation In Order?

I am reading material that indicates a change in asset allocation is in order for the third, and perhaps, fourth quarter.  This post is very short so expect more details later this week.

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“Willow” By Misty River Is The Recommended CD Of The Week

Country and Folk is the genre of "Willow" by Misty River.  Check out this 5-Star CD based on Amazon reviews.  I totally agree.  "These Are My Mountains" is my favorite song from this CD.  Ranking close behind are "Bright Morning Stars" and "The Cuckoo."  For purity of the four voices, the best is "Bright Morning Stars."

As usual, I'll include one Amazon review.

"First let me say that I am not a folk/bluegrass freak. I have very few albums of this genre. However, as an entire album, they do not get much better than Willow. The original songs and the choice of other material make a superb blend of sentimental and up-tempo songs. I particularly like their rendition of the traditional "These are my Mountains". As noted in the Editorial Review the members of Misty River are more than competent on a wide range of instruments. Upright bass is not an instrument that I listen for but Laura's upright bass playing (particularly on "These are my Mountains" and "Box of Lace") on this album caught my attention as being much better that the typical "thump thump". If you do not find something on this album you really like you had better stick with your gangsta rap."