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ITA Wealth Management Blog: Unique Contributions



What makes the ITA Wealth Management blog different from other investing blogs?

1. ITA provides examples of actual portfolios of various size and different launch dates.  

2. Platinum members have access to eight different portfolios showing all transactions, portfolio performance, benchmark performance, and portfolio risk.

3. ITA provides a spreadsheet (TLH) where one can track the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the portfolio plus many other features.

4. Instruction is provided as to how to use the TLH spreadsheet.

5. Portfolio return and portfolio risk is measured by something known as the Sortino Ratio.  This ratio includes a seldom used risk measurement of semi-variance where only the downside risk is considered.  Investors desire upside volatility and abhor downside volatility.

6. Investors interested in selecting a few individual stocks for the portfolio are provided with the "Creme List" of companies.

7. Individual help is given to those who ask.

8. Portfolio analysis is provided when requested.

9. Sample portfolios are analyzed using a program called, Quantext Portfolio Planner (QPP).

10. Monte Carlo retirement projections are provided upon reader request.

11. Sound investment advice is provided based on academic research and information gleaned from the very best investment books.

12. A customized benchmark is provided within the TLH spreadsheet.  This unique feature is not available in affordable software programs.

Bohr Portfolio Review: Reworked Asset Allocation Plan

With developed international and emerging markets still priced below their 195-Day EMA, I took the opportunity to rework the asset allocation plan of the Bohr and move it a little more toward the "Swensen Six."  This required an increase in the bond-income asset class and reduce exposure to U.S. Equities.  Below is the revised Strategic Asset Allocation plan.  This move increased rather than decreased the ITA Index, making if more difficult to outperform this customized benchmark.

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