Mozart Piano Sonatas: CD Pick Of The Week

It would be possible to recommend a Mozart composition every week and never run out of options.  What a prolific composer!  His portfolio is vast considering he died at age 35 in 1791.  The CD recommendation this week features Murray Perahia playing Sonatas 310, 331, 494, and 533.

I like to include one positive review found on Amazon and here it is.  It is useful to also read negative reviews as one might be directed to other outstanding CDs with similar compositions.

"Perahia's customary purity of tone and classical poise are completely at one with these Sonatas. Perahia understands that what brings this music to life is found between the notes in the form of subtle gradations of dynamic and phrasing. This is not to be missed. The Penguin Guide gave this a rosette and I agree whole-heartedly."

In the past I recommended some Beethoven Sonatas so I provided this link as well, in case you missed that recommendation.

Photograph:  Stained glass window from the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.