Dvorak’s Eighth and Ninth Symphonies

Of the Dvorak symphonies my favorite is the ninth as it takes me back to Hawaii where this was one of the few recordings I had available on reel to reel tape.  For other classical music aficionados, it is the eighth that is the preferred of all Dvorak's symphonies.  Both rank very high on my top 50 to 100 symphonies.  Here are two recordings that represent these two symphonies.

Dvorak's Eighth Symphony: In this recommendation we have both the 8th and 9th.

Dvorak's Ninth Symphony: Here is one review.

"The Chicago Symphony Orchestra shines in this recording under the direction of Sir Georg Solti. From the delicate second movement to the robust finale, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra shows its musical dexterity, performing every note with the greatest musical sensibility. Simply the best interpretation of Dvorak's 9th symphony in recent years, this performance is a must have for serious music lovers."

If one is looking for a boxed set of all nine symphonies, I have this one.  Before buying, be sure to read the negative reviews as they are many times more instructive than the positive ones.