Bullish Percent Indicator: A Summary

As the summer months approach and we enter the "dog days" of the stock market, we want to be vigilant with respect to market moves.  Particularly moves to the downside as we are interested in reducing portfolio risk.  The following seven basic rules as they relate to the Bullish Percent Indicator are among those we will keep in the forefront of our thinking.

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New TLH Spreadsheet Help Audio/Video for Recalculation Error

In the benchmark and Internal Rate of Return data table, found in the upper left-hand corner of the primary worksheet, one sometimes sees the boxes filled with #REF! errors.  This is usually caused by the "Mosaic" or primary worksheet inability to find data from the Distribution Worksheet necessary to run a calculation on the benchmarks.  Thus the #REF! error.  I've created a "Camtasia" help session to cure this problem. 

Go to the TLH SS Help tab, click on it and open up the page.  Look for help session #9 as that is the one dealing with this recalculation problem.  Open up that helps session and see if that is not the solution to the #REF! error message.

As I recall, only Platinum members have access to these TLH Spreadsheet help sessions.

Curie Portfolio Update: 5 June 2012

This update of the Curie follows quickly on the heels of a recent review.  This update includes all transactions from May.  The Curie is one of the portfolios where I am using a modified version of the ITA Risk Reduction model.  This means that I will sell off certain assets when the price falls below its 195-Day EMA, while holding on to other core ETFs.

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