Current State of ITARR ETFs

Platinum members paying attention to the ITA Risk Reduction model will note that the prices of three of seven critical ETFs moved above their 195-Day EMAs.  Those ETFs are listed below with the link to the critical graph.

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Asset Allocation for IRA Risk Reduction Portfolio

What does the asset allocation plan look like for the ITARR style portfolio?  Below is the current Dashboard for the Euclid, one of the risk reduction test portfolios.  The target percentages have the white background and the actual percentages currently held in the Euclid have colored backgrounds. 

Depending on how the basic ETFs close today, this portfolio will undergo major changes tomorrow.  Checking ETF prices moments ago, only VTI is priced above its 195-Day EMA.  IGE and VNQ are very close and could easily close higher by the end of the session.  Regardless of price changes, I need to reduce holdings in Large-Cap Blend.

Had this portfolio been correctly positioned this morning, all assets would either be in cash, TLT, or TIP as all the key ETFs opened up this morning with prices below their respective 195-Day EMAs.

In the following screen shot we have the QPP analysis for the ITA Risk Reduction portfolio when fully invested in the market.

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