Christmas CD Recommendation: Songs of Angels – Robert Shaw

Songs of Angels featuring the Robert Shaw Chamber Singers is my recommendation for the week.  This early recommendation gives readers time to order and enjoy during the Holiday Season.  When it comes to vocal singing, nearly anything by Robert Shaw is a plus.  This CD is no different.  I selected the following review to spur more interest.  If you have any doubts about this recording, read more of the reviews on Amazon.

"When I bought this album, I was looking for a classic Christmas album for a small ensemble. This fits the bill admirably. The music, arrangements and performers are all of the same caliber as Shaw's other recordings (such as The Many Moods of Christmas) but here we have the intimacy of a small ensemble, much more fitting to the music than the massive forces of the Atlanta Symphony Chorus.

The arrangements are by Alice Parker and Robert Shaw, dating from the 1950's. We also have a number of magnificent solo voices, which are absent from the Robert Russel Bennet arrangements. The soloists are superb.

If I had to pick a single Christmas album to see me through the holidays, it would be a difficult choice, but this would certainly be on my short list."