Monitoring VTI StockCharts

Keep an eye on the StockCharts graphs for VTI, VEU, VWO, VNQ, and RWX. This link will take readers to the VTI graph. 

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Portfolio Review: Bohr

Bohr Update

Review time is here again for the Bohr Portfolio.  No purchases were made thus far this month as most the asset classes are in balance.  I don't plan any changes in commodities as that asset class is only out of alignment by 68 shares of GSG.  What I might do is exchange GSG (heavily oriented toward oil) and purchase DBC, an ETF with a more even distribution of commodities.  Another option would be to sell 100 shares of GSG and purchase 100 shares of DBC.  Mid-cap value is over subscribed with holdings in both IDV and VOE.  I expect to eventually sell a few shares from each holding and transfer those assets over to the developed international ETF, VEU.

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Harvest Tax Losses

With Halloween on the horizon, now is the time to go through taxable accounts and identify investments that are below the average purchase price.  While I would not pay attention to stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs that are losing a few hundred dollars, concentrate on the larger losers and take advantage of tax losses.  If you are holding ETFs, and do not want to remain out of the market, one can avoid "wash" sales by exchanging, for example, VEU with EFA or VWO with EEM.  There are equivalent iShares ETFs that match up with nearly all the Vanguard ETFs used in portfolios tracked here at ITA Wealth Management.  If you have questions, drop them in the comments section.

There will be readers of this blog who have sufficient losses from the 2008 bear market that will last them nearly a lifetime.  If this is the case, then you may not want to bother with anything other than serious losses this year.

Don't wait until November to take losses, but get on this during the month of October.