“Creme List” for 7 October 2011

Low Price/Book Stocks

Below are six stocks that made the cut from over 10,000 companies.  This is a highly selective screen.

Platinum membership is available for $5.00 per month.  Access to the "Creme List" is more than worth the membership cost.

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Preparing the Euclid Portfolio for Timing Model

Preparing the Maxwell and Euclid Portfolios

Further preparation in the Euclid Portfolio took place this morning as shares of VBR were sold.  What I am doing is selling off holdings outside the basic ETFs we plan to use in this experiment.  These ETFs include VTI, VEU, VWO, VNQ, and RWX as these are the instruments I will use in this modified Faber-Richardson model.  I probably will not do anything with the 1% point held in commodities (DBC). This StockCharts graph shows the rebounding that is taking place in the market.  The price of VTI moved above the 13-Day EMA, but was still below the 34-Day EMA when the graph was generated.  It will take several good market days to push the faster moving average above the slower moving EMA and it will be even longer before the price of the different ETFs in this portfolio move from below to above the 195-Day EMA.

It is my plan to set the examination dates for the Maxwell to occur in the middle of the month and the Euclid at the end of the month.  This will spread the work load.

Look for a "Delta Factor" analysis for the Euclid and Maxwell sometime over the next week.

Kenilworth Review: 7 October 2011

Kenilworth Update

No sales or purchases occurred within the Kenilworth Portfolio this month.  I did make some slight Strategic Asset Allocation shifts.  I increased cash and bonds by one percentage point and stripped off two percentage points from emerging markets.  Nothing major.  Below is the new asset allocation plan.

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