Value Oriented Portfolio

Last evening a value oriented portfolio was mailed to me so I thought I would run it through a Quantext Portfolio Planner analysis.  Unfortunately, three of the thirteen ETFs have "short records."  This simply means the data does not extend back a minimum of three years. The ETFs with limited data are: MGV, VXUS, and VSS.  Nevertheless, here are the results.

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What Comes After The Strategic Asset Allocation Plan?

Where do we go next after the following plans are in place?

  • Credit cards are paid in full.
  • A savings plan is in effect and money is set aside each paycheck.
  • A discount broker account is open at a business such as TDAmeritrade.
  • The Strategic Asset Allocation plan is in place.
    • Ten to fifteen asset classes were selected for investment.

We now come to the difficult and all important decision of what percentage to allocate to the different asset classes. Investors have different requirements based on age, financial situation, debt, tolerance for risk, size of saving, etc. No one Strategic Asset Allocation plan fits all investors.  However, there are some basic principles that apply to the majority of investors and they are based on academic research. Here are a few of those principles. [Read more…]

Learn By Example

If your learning style is parallel to mine, it is much easier to learn by example vs. straight theory. While it is important to know and understand the logic behind an investment philosophy, it is even better to see the policy in action and observe how well it performs. That is what motivates me to write the ITA Wealth Management investment blog. This is an investment education blog.

1) How do you do it?

2) What are the steps in establishing a portfolio?

3) Does it meet my investment (retirement) requirements?

4) Do the results match the rhetoric?

5) How are the results monitored?

These are a few questions we attempt to answer through several different portfolios. While I monitor 21 portfolios (including the new Kenilworth), details of seven (including Kenilworth) are provided to Platinum members.