Einstein Portfolio Update: 28 September 2011

Platinum members can witness that the Einstein Portfolio is coming very close to being in balance in all asset classes.  I placed limit orders to sell shares of VO and VB which will bring MCB and SCB back into balance.  With the small amount of available cash, I placed a limit order for BWX, an international treasure bond ETF.  As you can see from the Dashboard asset allocation plan below, we are not overexposed to bonds.  Only 9% (7% + 2%) is allocated to bonds.  We will derive income from RXW and VNQ.

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Iteration Solution

Platinum members using the TLH spreadsheet may find an iteration issue from time to time when the IRR calculation for an investment moves from positive to negative or negative to positive.  The Excel™ SS needs a little nudge to launch the iteration calculation.

Go to the TLH SS Help page and reference the #7 help video.  To find the TLH SS Help page, look across the navigation tabs.  It is three tabs to the right of the Home page.  Let me know if this audio/video clip solves the REF issue.