Harold in Italy

Hector Berlioz (1803 – 1869) wrote one beautiful piece of music when he composed "Harold in Italy."  March of the Pilgrims Singing the Evening Prayer is one of my favorite sections.  Here is what one reviewer wrote about this section.

"Berlioz displays one of his most famous touches.  During the 'religious chant', a prolonged march is drawn in the steady pizzicato of the strings, with the relentless semiquaver arpeggiation of the viola giving an eerie and metallic timbre to the proceedings." 

While I never could have come up with that description, it fits when one hears the music.  This work has yet to crack the KQAC (allclassical.org) Top 100 here in Portland.  So it is just out of reach when it comes to ranking popular classical music.  Nevertheless, it is one of my favorite classical pieces.