Constructing a Simple Seven ETF Portfolio

Looking for a conservative portfolio with reasonable QPP values?  Check out the following asset allocation plan that includes 40% allocated to bonds and income with an added bent toward value as advocated by Fama & French.  This portfolio covers the global market, both in equities and REITs.  The EFV ETF skews the portfolio toward the value side.

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Smartest Low-Medium Risk Portfolio

With this low-medium risk portfolio we move up one notch in aggressiveness. This is still a very conservative portfolio with 60% committed to the bond/income asset class. Moving from 80% in bonds down to 60% brings about an increase in both projected return and projected uncertainty.  The Return/Uncertainty ratio is still a respectable 0.62.

Platinum membership is available for a low $5.00 per month.  Make this back by developing a strong asset allocation for your portfolio.

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Newton Portfolio Review: September 20

Shares of ALD, LLY, ELD, VEU, and RWX were added to the Newton during the month of September.  The purchases bring some of the under target asset classes just a little closer to their target percentages.  Below is the current asset allocation plan for the Newton.

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