ITA Wealth Management Suggested Asset Allocations

The following data table lays out different risk portfolios built around nine ETFs that make use of The Three-Factor model from Fama and French.

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Alternative Investment Vehicles to Suggested Index Funds

What are the alternatives one might use to those suggested by Solin in his recent book, "The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own."  The reason for seeking alternative investments is two fold.  1)  We seek ETFs that have historical records of at least three years.  This is so we can run Quantext Portfolio Analysis (QPP) on the portfolios.  2)  When possible, we prefer to use ETFs that are in the commission free stable of TDAmeritrade options.  This is to reduce expenses, particularly when it comes to rebalancing events.

Below are the nine investments recommended by Solin.  The sub-tabs are my suggested replacements. For example, replace VLCAX with VTI and VVIAX with VOE or VTV.  My preference is to use VOE for the stated reasons given below.

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Super Smart Portfolios from Solin

Daniel Solin, in his "Smartest Portfolios" book, recommends these nine index funds or ETFs when putting together smart portfolios.  While my preference is to use ETFs instead of index mutual funds, here are his recommendations.

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