Bohr Portfolio Review: 27 July 2011

Few changes occurred in the Bohr Portfolio since the last review.  The asset allocation remains the same, and as readers can see in the first screen shot, most of the asset classes are in balance.  Excluding cash, only Small-Cap Growth and Bonds/Income are out of balance.  Limit orders are in place to correct these imbalances, but as I wrote last weekend, I lowered the "Buy" limit orders significantly in anticipation of a major market drop.  That has yet to happen.  Those limit orders have not been struck and the market has yet to sink to low levels.  It could happen, but it has not at this point. 

Watching the market behavior so far indicates there will be some sort of debt limit settlement before the August 2nd deadline.  The debt limit has been raised something like 170 times since the 1950s, but for the last 60 years we never had such a high number of "crazies" in the House of Congress.

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