Portfolio Maintenance: Review of Kenilworth

Little progress has been made in bringing the Kenilworth asset allocation plan into balance.  The Dashboard shown below indicates many asset classes are out of balance.  Numerous limit orders are in place, but so far I set them too far below the current prices for them to be triggered.  We still have two months of summer remaining so I am not in a panic.  There is a high probability we will see some sort of shock that will knock the market down, and when that happens, the limit orders will kick in.  Not that we favor market shocks.

The Kenilworth received another infusion of cash so I set another limit order.  Eventually, some of these will begin to be picked up.


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Setting Buy Limit Order

Within a TDAmeritrade account, how does one set a limit order to buy shares of an ETF?  The following video clip explains the process.  It is quite easy.  Just log on to your account and walk through the following steps.  As mentioned in the video/audio clip, I rarely set orders of any type outside NYSE business hours as the bid-ask spread all too frequently expands in after hours.  I violate that rule this morning as I want to post an example of how a limit buy order is set in place.

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